3 Reasons to Watch the Game at a Sports Bar

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Travel

What’s better than watching the game? Watching it with friends at the bar, of course. So if you haven’t already lived through this experience yet, here are some of the best reasons why you and your friends should go out and scout for the best sports bars in Gaslamp right in time for the next game:

The play-by-play

While watching the game courtside offers you a great view of the game, it’s not all that easy to find out what’s happening. If you’ve got lousy seats, it could take minutes before you even realize what’s happening. Was that shot a go or no? When you’re watching events unfold on TV, though, you’ve got a clear view of what’s happening. You can slow that moment down or pause it while you and your pals talk about why it’s the best move ever.

The beer

After a long day at work, there’s nothing better than loosening your tie and watching a game with a cold beer in your hand. But what if you and your friends run short of the booze? By going to the best sports bars in Gaslamp, you and your friends won’t have to worry about running out of ice-cold beers and drinks, says Total Sports Pro. Those bars are fully stocked to provide you with your drinking pleasure, whether it’s beer or something stronger.

The Food

If you want to watch the game and still enjoy good food, then you’ll be better off at a sports bar than going to the stadium. Enjoy fries fried to a gold brown crisp or some of the best pizza in town. You won’t have to make do with a hotdog sandwich while you watch your bets play on TV.

So if you want a better viewing experience, and you haven’t given sports bars a try, then what’s stopping you?. Like us at Facebook

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