Attractions to Visit When You’re Traveling to Downtown Chicago

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Travel

Chicago has a lot of things to do for travelers. However, you might not know what to focus on once you get there.

Fortunately, you can sort through destinations to find the perfect tourist spot for you. Make sure you focus on these aspects when finding downtown Chicago attractions to visit.


Chicago is a sprawling city, lasting miles and miles. From below, you’re not able to fully grasp how large Chicago really is.

To truly see how large Chicago is, you should find an attraction that goes up several stories in the sky. It should go up enough that you’re able to see all around Chicago, giving you a good look at other places you can visit in the city. Make sure you visit an attraction that lets you see the entire landscape of Chicago.


When traveling, you might want to find an attraction that gives you a social experience. You can get the social experience you want through drinking.

When finding an attraction offering drinking, make sure that they have a full bar. With a full bar, you can find alcoholic drinks that suit everyone in your party. Ensure that you find an attraction offering drinking if you’re traveling to Chicago.

A Great View

It might be hard to think of downtown Chicago attractions that offer great views and drinking. Fortunately, you don’t have to think further than 360 Chicago.

360 Chicago is an observation deck located on the John Hancock Center. You’re able to drink and enjoy the views of Chicago from heights you can’t get to anywhere else.

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