Book a Helicopter Tour as a Wedding Gift

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A helicopter tour is the perfect gift to give to a newlywed couple. This type of gift is ideal for couples that are getting married and already have established homes. They do not need another set of China, or an additional blender. Instead you could give them a gift that will give them time together seeing the famous sites of the Big Apple. A helicopter tour in New York is the perfect way to wish the happy couple wedded bliss.

Book the Tour or Inquire about Gift Certificates

There are several different ways you can give the gift of a helicopter tour. You can check with a helicopter tour service and find out if they have gift certificates, or you can inquire about booking a tentative helicopter tour. This type of gift is one that is going to be hard to keep a secret since you will need to find out exact dates that work for the happy couple. Regardless, they will not forget the beautiful sites they see while taking a grand tour of New York City. A helicopter tour of the Big Apple is a gift that is considered to be priceless.

Couples about to Wed Can Charter a Helicopter

Couples that are being married in New York City can hire a helicopter charter service to take them to the honeymoon getaway in nearby Marthas Vineyard, the Hampton, or even Atlantic City. Getting married is one of the most whirlwind type of experiences. You can add a little bit of peace to the scenario when you board a helicopter to reach your honeymoon destination. Amid all of the hustle and bustle you can finally relax and look into the eyes of your new spouse as you are flying across New York.

Make a Profound Exit

When the reception begins to wind down, you can make a profound exit when you and your new spouse leave to board a helicopter. A courteous and professional pilot that is FAA certified will take you to your honeymoon getaway. Enjoy the scenery below while you are being transported during this special time in your life. Cherish the memories of every part of your wedding, including a charter flight or helicopter tour. Once you have experienced the view from a helicopter, you may want to repeat the experience to celebrate your anniversaries in the years to come.

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