Ecotourism, the latest trend in vacations

by | Nov 24, 2011 | Travel and Tourism

After promoting vacations to exotic locations, tour operators today are turning their attention to promote ecotourism. Environment degradation is a global phenomenon and along with industrial units, we as a whole bunch are to be blamed for. The idea now is to promote natural trips around the areas, which are lagging behind on the development scale. Ecotourism can help bring that much employment opportunities to such areas. It could be in the form of building structures, opening of food corners, anything that can help them earn a living.

The basic aim of tourism should be to promote travel to natural areas. It could be near lakes, deserts , forests and other similar areas. Essential is that people get to know the importance of the place and respect it. The essence of any place can be felt with its clean and unpolluted surroundings. Ecotourism understands this and people on trip are availed of facilities that are in sync with the nature. Some examples are using solar heaters for hot bath instead of electric geysers which run high monthly bills.

Promoting tourism keeping in line with conservation of nature helps one do their own bit. The government needs to lay down strict rules and regulations. And more important is to see that they are being followed and strictest of punishments handed out to offence makers. Tour operators and tourists alike hardly care about the environment. Awareness campaigns for the same are to be organised regularly so that people understand its importance. More than just being a tourist spot, a place can be a cultural heritage, a living place for many. This has to be kept in mind before any wrong doing which can affect their daily life.



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