Horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park

by | May 17, 2017 | Travel and Tourism

New York City is a great place for tourists and locals alike. The greatest theatre can be found on Broadway and great food can be found almost anywhere. One of the most iconic attractions of the city is taking a leisurely ride in a Central Park horse carriage.

When Central Park was originally designed and laid out in the mid 1850s, the 843 acres were intended to provide a place for the citizens to enjoy life, a place full of greenery and vistas as far as the eye can see in any direction. Shortly after the park was opened the “Central Park Stage Line” was opened, it offered horse drawn carriage rides around the park; a family of four could enjoy this treat for one dollar. Up until the late 1930s there were only 15 carriages licensed to operate in the park, today there are close to 70 carriages and over 200 horses bringing this delightful experience to all.

Popular rides:

A Central Park horse carriage can be hired all through the year, they can be found waiting for customers along Central Park S. The most popular rides are those that last 20 minutes, these are known as “standard rides” and longer rides taking 40 minutes. Regardless of how long you wish to dedicate to your ride you will be taken along carriageways that date back to when the park was first opened.

Like anything to do with animals, there is always a concern that they are being maltreated; nothing could be further from the truth with these horses. They are only allowed to ply the pathways in the park for nine hours a day. In the winter they are kept warm with heavy horse blankets and in the summer, if the temperature hits 90 degrees F they are not expected to work.

When you are in New York there is a lot to do but do yourself a favor and take a Central Park horse carriage with family or friends. For more information visit Central Park Sightseeing.

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