Why Take Flights To Italy To Attend Italy’s Venice Carnival

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Travel Agency, Travel and Tourism

Traveling to a different country is a dream for many people. With the increasingly low cost of international air travel, individuals, couples and families can take advantage of low-cost flights to Italy to attend the famous Venice Carnival.

History of the Carnival

There is a long history behind the Carnival of Venice. It is believed that it originated in 1162 with the victory of Venice over a city in Rome that was known as Aquileia. It then expanded from a spontaneous celebration to a more structured event through the seventeenth and eighteen centuries. In 1797 it was outlawed, and people were not allowed to wear masks, which had become a standard of the celebration.

Finally, in 1979, the Carnival of Venice was again recognized and promoted by the Italian government. Today, over 3 million visitors a year come to Venice to attend this traditional celebration.

Getting Flights

As the popularity of the Venice Carnival grows each year, it is important to book flights to Italy early in the year for this event. The dates change yearly, and it typically lasts two weeks, ending with Lent, which is 40 days before Easter. It is easy to find the dates for the Carnival of Venice online, making it easy to book the ideal dates for your travel.

Ideally, booking flights to Italy a bit earlier than the Carnival of Venice provides lower prices and also greater flight flexibility. It also gives you time to tour throughout the city and countryside before the festivities begin.

What to Expect

During the Carnival of Venice, the city offers a host of different events, with the classic Venetian masks featuring prominently in decorations and with a meaning behind each style of mask.

In addition, there are parades, opera events, grand balls of masked dancers, art exhibits and markets and a range of theater, music and other types of live venues and entertainment for all to enjoy.

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