4 Ways To Have A Marvelous Time In Cinque Terre

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Travel

For some people, there’s nothing as exciting as traveling to foreign lands and visiting places you’ve never been to before. It isn’t just about taking pictures against the gorgeous local sights. It’s spending time in local pubs, eating delicacies native to the region and basically having the time of your life, getting to know different parts of the world and the people–the culture–that live in those parts.

One such fascinating place is the Cinque Terre. If you want something that’s off the beaten path, has great views and gives you beach time under the sun, head this way. Here are some tips to help you plan the best Cinque Terre trip ever:

Know the local meal times
If you’re going to be in the area for quite a while, then pay attention to the closing dates and times. Shops and restaurants often have days they’re closed down. Know what these days are so you can swing by the grocery or market instead.

Ask around for help
It can be a bit of a struggle to pay for food or order in a restaurant. If you don’t speak Italian, just take the time to observe how the locals do it. Ask for help. Don’t assume anything.

Book private tours
If you don’t want to travel DIY-style and appreciate the convenience of having someone tour you around, point out the best places and provide you with a ton of insider traveler tips, better to book Cinque Terre private tours.

Go on day trips
Yes, there are five towns that make up Cinque Terre. But that doesn’t mean you have to move from one town to another if you want to visit all five towns, says Italylogue. Going on day trips is good enough. Find out which ones you want to stay in before you book your trips. For more information contact Italy Luxury Tours, or call us at 1 888 959 7108. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!

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