Five Ways to Mix Business With Pleasure in Nairobi

by | May 20, 2016 | Travel and Tourism

If you find yourself headed to East Africa for business, the first thing you will want to do is book executive suites in Nairobi for you and your companions. Next, you should set yourself to the task of planning pleasant interludes to make business and pleasure mixing possible.

Nairobi National Park

Nairobi is a true cosmopolitan gem that offers diverse opportunities to interact with the planet in new ways and connect with colleagues in others. The first pleasant excursion you should plan is to Nairobi National Park. Here, you can see African wildlife up close and personally. From 11 am to noon, baby hippos and rhinos are taken for mud baths, and you can watch the whole thing in close proximity.

Muthaiga Country Club

If you can manage an invitation from a member, lunch meetings at Muthaiga Country Club will momentarily transport you to colonial-era Kenya. Appointed in effects of that time, this club maintains authentic standards, and guests must look the part. That means jacket and tie for the gentleman and appropriate attire for the ladies, with flip flops and tee shirts clearly designated as not allowed. Executive suites in Nairobi are fully equipped for all your needs so you can make a quick trip back for a shower and dress upgrade before you meet your party.

A Jolt in a Malatu

For an unusual adventure, be sure to take a jolt on a malatu with your colleagues. These minibuses are always a sight to behold as they are tricked out for viewing pleasure. Your ride is likely to be fast and bumpy, so whatever you do, hold on tightly.

The Rift Valley

When your work is done and it is time to reflect on what makes all of it worthwhile, a moment to truly commune with nature should be seized. Just an hour outside out Nairobi spectacular views of the Rift Valley will remind you of humanity’s common ancestors and offer you the opportunity to breathe peace into your spirit.

Tusker Beer to Soak It All In

Before heading back to the executive suites in Nairobi, find a little place along the way to enjoy a Tusker beer as you look back on one of the most pleasurable business trips you will ever have the opportunity to take. Along the way, you will find Tusker advertised in just about every place food is sold. The hot, arid climate and the high dust levels, may Tusker the perfect refreshment.

Whoever warned not to mix business with pleasure must have lived a very dull life. Nairobi is your business adventure waiting to happen. Visit Mvuli Suites in Nairobi.

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