How to find the Best Airport Shuttle Service in Florida

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Limousine Service

Finding the airport shuttle that’s right for you and your needs should be easy with the right tips:

Give yourself enough time

Planning in advance helps a lot in getting the airport shuttle you want to book. If you leave it at the last minute, you’ll find yourself stuck with substandard options.

Make a list and filter it

Put together a list of all your options. That’s an easy way to keep track of them. When that’s done, start eliminating names off your list. You can check out reviews and check if they’re properly licensed or not. While a bad review or two shouldn’t be enough of a reason to automatically dismiss a company, too many bad reviews tell a different story.


Ask for a quote. You might want to compare that quote with at least 2 or 3 more companies in the area. Being in Florida though, one solid option to go for is Clean Ride Limo. From weddings to parties, special events and even business meetings, the company’s limo service is a one-stop-shop if you ever need a slick looking ride around town.


Are you going solo or with friends? Make sure to ask for the charges upfront. That way, you can make arrangements in case you want to rent one on your own or go along with a few friends.


Heavy luggage can add to your costs. The more bags you have–and the heftier they are–the higher the rate might be. So have your wallet ready.

Call and confirm

Don’t forget to get in touch with the limo service a few hours before or the morning before your pick-up time. Double-checking helps ensure that your driver will be on time. Also, if there are any glitches in the schedule, you have enough time to have it fixed and adjusted.

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