How To Rent A Bike In New York

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Travel and Tourism

Whether you are visiting for a weekend or have lived in Manhattan your whole life, you should consider renting a bike as a way to get out and explore the city. There are many bike tours available to see some the attractions in the Hudson River area, or you ask for a map and set your route. There are numerous benefits to taking in the city this way, from the good the exercise will do to your body to the mind-clearing effects of fresh air. Here are a few steps you can take if you are wondering how to rent a bike in New York.

Step #1: Consider Your Schedule

While some companies have no problem rescheduling your booking, it is still a good idea to review your schedule before you book your rental. Before you choose the length of time you have with the bike, think about the sites you are hoping to see and the rest of your schedule. Having a sense of your itinerary can help you determine the length of time you have to spend, and the appropriate rental for you.

Step #2: Book Online

Ideally, you will find a location that allows you to book online. Booking online will ensure that a copy of the booking confirmation goes to your email account, so you cannot misplace it. Also, it can help you add it to your schedule, so you do not forget your appointment or get the time wrong. Online booking often gives you the ability to see the bikes available for rent.

Step #3: Arrive Prepared

Keep in mind that your time with your rental starts when you pick it up, so it is a good idea to bring comfortable clothes and shoes with you. You may be asked to bring confirmation of your booking as well as photo identification to verify your identity, so come prepared with those items as well.

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