What Are The Advantages Of A Boat Share In Double Bay?

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Boat Rental Service

Whether you’ve dreamt of owning a vessel for years or just stumbled into the prospect, most prospective sailors don’t understand the responsibilities of yacht ownership. Boat share options in Double Bay may be a better solution because you still get the pride of ownership without the added hassles that go along with it. However, sharing may not be the most suitable option for some, so it’s best to learn about the benefits first to see if it is something you may enjoy.


Whether you want a yacht or something smaller, you’ll find it with a boat share in Double Bay. You’ll have access to so many choices, it may take a while to decide which one is best for you. Likewise, they may come in different price ranges, allowing you to pick something both luxurious and suitable.

Online, Fair Scheduling

The goal here is to give each shareholder (usually eight) equal opportunity to use and enjoy the vessel. In the past, you had to call in and reserve a time, waiting impatiently by the phone to hear back from the management company. Now, however, most of them offer online scheduling, which makes it easy for you to see when the yacht is available. You can plan your holidays and vacations easily because you’ll know when it’s booked and when it’s available for you.


You can’t be expected to buy something and use it appropriately without training, and most areas require that you have a boating license. With a boat share at Luxury Boat Sydnicates in Double Bay, you’ll receive the proper training and help to get your license. You’ll be legal, and you’ll feel comfortable with your new shared purchase.

Arrive And Go

The goal is for you to arrive at your scheduled time and immediately use your boat. Everything will be set up and fuelled for your usage. Walk on, and walk off when you’re done.

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