What you Need to Know When Making Galapagos Family Tours

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The Galapagos are islands located in the Pacific Ocean and they lie on either side of the equator. They lie 926 kilometers west of Ecuador and actually form a part of the continent. The Galapagos Islands, together with its surrounding ocean area, form a province known as the Ecuadorian province, which is home to a national park and a marine reserve. The inhabitants of the islands are well over 25,000 and their main language is Spanish.

With this information, it might interest you to want to know that the place forms a nice destination for galapagos family tours. There are many of endemic species of the Beagle, which were studied by the famous archaeologist, Charles Darwin, whose investigation gave rise to the evolution theory. In addition, a navigation map of the islands was developed by one Ambrose Cowley, from which anyone accessing the islands can see that there are two access points. One access point is from San Cristobal and the other one is from Baltra. Recently, the Ecuadorian government has put in place regular air service at the Baltra airport to ease access of the islands. In addition, the government has also put up many hotels to enhance accommodation facilities for visitors.

When making plans for galapagos family tours, it is important to take note of the weather conditions of the islands. Despite the fact that this tourist destination site is located along the equator, the Humboldt Current brings with it very cold water to the location, hence causing regular drizzles most time of the year. El Nino events are also common occurrences every 3 to 7 years, marked with warm surface temperatures that give way to rise in sea level. The temperatures mostly range between 22 and 25 degrees centigrade, sometimes with cold winds and sometimes with no wind at all. The warm season is between December and May when the sun shines for long hours while at the same time the area experiences strong rains but there are no winds. Weather changes are experienced with changes in the altitude. There is a lot to see and learn at the Galapagos Islands and a visit to the place will make you want to go back often.

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