How to Beat Flight Anxiety on Flights to Singapore

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Travel Agency

Aerophobia is the technical term for a fear of flying. Millions of people experience some fear when they fly. However, there are many easy techniques we can use to help reduce our fears when on flights to Singapore or anywhere else in the world.

Preparation is key when we wish to conquer our fear of flying. By adopting several methods for staying calm and practising them in advance of the flight, the experience will be far easier.

Knowledge is Power

Many people worry about strange noises on the plane. If we fly frequently, we’ll know what to expect. If we don’t, any regular noise can sound as if something bad is happening.

If we explore the processes and noises that go on while a plane is being readied for take-off or landing, we will familiarise ourselves with what is normal. It should help reduce our anxiety.


This is easier to do while in flight as we can download a meditation app onto our phone before we board. If we practice some calming techniques and learn to meditate before we fly, it becomes easier to do so when we are on board, and we need the calming sensations the most.

Healthy Drinks and Snacks

Caffeine makes many of us feel on edge. It also dehydrates us, as does alcohol. We may be tempted to have a drink or two on long flights to Singapore, but it is better to remain sober. Water is always the best choice.

Snacks should be healthy and free from additives wherever possible, which can also make us feel less than comfortable. If we feel uncomfortable, we may worry about whether we’ll need the loo and that can make us feel more anxious.

If we try these simple tips, flights to Singapore will be far more relaxing and calming.

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