Improve Your Trip with a New York Helicopter Flight, Among Other Things

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If you are planning a trip to New York in the near future, there are probably a lot of things on your list to do or see. However, there may be some sights you havenot considered or some options that are available that you donot know about. These things could make your life easier and your trip more enjoyable.

Airport Shuttle

Once you arrive off your flight into New York, you will want to go to your hotel and freshen up, as well as making relax or rest. However, you may not want a long trip after your already long flight, so you may consider taking a helicopter from the airport to your hotel. Many hotels offer this service, by way of a helipad close to or on top of the hotel. Arrive at your comfortable resting place in style.

Boutique Hotels

For more pizzazz, you may want to consider a boutique hotel. These hotels are extremely fashionable and cater to the tourist who wants more. Each boutique option is different and will have different amenities, such as great pools, delicious places to eat and even spas. You could even schedule an airport shuttle by helicopter to your boutique hotel in New York

The High Line

Everyone has heard of Central Park and it is definitely something you should consider if you enjoy being outdoors. However, the High Line is an elevated park 30 feet in the air. There is a path that used to be a railroad line that you can walk along and there are restaurants and shopping areas below, giving you a unique experience of shopping and relaxing.


Another option is a helicopter tour. If you are interested in the unique and different, you should try all of these great options, from arriving from the airport in a helicopter to staying in a unique hotel, to visiting the most unique park in New York, and then to see the sights while flying around in a helicopter.

You can see almost any of the views you want, depending on the type of tour you choose and you will get to experience it in a new way. Everyone takes taxis or bus tours, but a helicopter is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity, though it is becoming more popular. You can make your friends extremely jealous by using these helpful tips.

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